Paper published in Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), 2021.

Paper published in Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), 2021.

March 12, 2021 News Publications 0

Asra Aslam, Edward Curry, “Investigating Response Time and Accuracy in Online Classifier Learning for Multimedia Publish-Subscribe Systems“, In Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), 2021. 


The enormous growth of multimedia content in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT) leads to the challenge of processing multimedia streams in real-time. Event-based systems are constructed to process event streams. They cannot natively consume multimedia event types produced by the Internet of Multimedia Things (IoMT) generated data to answer multimedia-based user subscriptions. Machine learning-based techniques have enabled rapid progress in solving real-world problems and need to be optimised for the low response time of the multimedia event processing paradigm. In this paper, we describe a classifier construction approach for the training of online classifiers, that can handle dynamic subscriptions with low response time and provide reasonable accuracy for the multimedia event processing. We find that the current object detection methods can be configured dynamically for the construction of classifiers in real-time, by tuning hyperparameters even when training from scratch. Our experiments demonstrate that deep neural network-based object detection models, with hyperparameter tuning, can improve the performance within less training time for the answering of previously unknown user subscriptions. The results from this study show that the proposed online classifier training based model can achieve accuracy of 79.00% with 15-min of training and 84.28% with 1-hour training from scratch on a single GPU for the processing of multimedia events.

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