Adaptive Query-aware Scheduling Policies for Sustainable Multimedia Event Processing

The focus of this research is on the study and development of sustainable (i.e.: energy efficient) solutions for Multimedia Event Processing over the Cloud and Edge, while accounting for the accuracy and latency of the user queries, according to the query-aware Quality of Service (QoS) scheduling policies. This solution will make use of a self-adaptive system to adapt to changes in the environment, user requirements, and system workload. In addition, Reinforcement Learning techniques and a Fuzzy Control system for uncertainty management and will be developed, to better cope with the intrinsic uncertainties in the adaptation life-cycle.


Felipe Arruda Pontes

Dr Edward Curry

Institution: NUI Galway


Relevant Publications

[1] Felipe Arruda Pontes, Edward Curry, "Cloud-Edge Microservice Architecture for DNN-based Distributed Multimedia Event Processing", In 1st International Workshop on Edge Migration and Architecture (EdgeWays 2020), 2020. [bib] [pdf]
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